What About the Future?

From my recent blog post, I have found that a lot of my audience are very, very reliant upon social media. However, people do understand the security that is advisable, and available, and put it in place.


50% of people who voted on the poll admitted to sharing a few bits of personal information here and there, but the question is: with that small amount of information being online, is it possible to find out more than is voluntarily published? I’m not, by any manner of means, saying that you should stop sharing information, but if you’re in for a penny, you’re in for a pound. See where I’m coming from?

Of the 12 people who voted on the poll, only one person voted on the third option; which is alright, but it got me thinking about the future. If I were to conduct the same research in a year’s time, would I have a larger readership because everyone would be online? Would more people vote for the “sharing all my personal details” option?

There are lots of theories about the future of different aspects of social media by lots of bloggers (I mean just Google “the future of social media and you’ll get all sorts of information) but the best blog I have found that breaks-down the figures is this one: The Social Media Explorer

Personally, because of the votes I received, I think people will start to just live their lives online. But that’s just from the poll results of 12 people. What do you think? Will people just sit at home and live through Facebook? Or will the popularity of social networking sites dwindle?

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