The Cat in The Hat, but when it’s put in a bin, well that’s just UNACCEPTABLE!

We all remember this, don’t we?

Yeah? Well, I hadn’t actually seen the video until I read a recent article about Mary Bale – the notorious “cat-in-the-wheelie-bin-lady” – and her new-found infamy. It wasn’t really a sit-down interview with a top journalist, but it did reveal that she had been visiting a dying relative every day, on top of a tedious bank job (which she has had to be signed-off of because of depression – not caused by the cat trauma, but because of her dying father). Poor Mary.

Yep, I feel sorry for her. Cats end-up in bins, virtually, on a daily basis and no one cares. She was just really, really unlucky that it was caught on CCTV and in her defence, she did stroke it before semi-traumatising it – nobody knows whether the cat was traumatised or not, which is lazy reporting if you ask me; I would have jumped right in there and gotten a cat-pshycoanalysis just to prove that she actually caused the animal no harm whatsoever.

Mary Bale (Copyright: The Mirror)

Mary Bale is still being victimised because we, as a nation, have opted to side with the cat to the point that there are Facebook groups declaring their hatred for this poor woman who has just lost her job and her father. Great Britain, you should all be ashamed!

Maybe the story acted as a diversion from the other news stories going on at the time; the floods had just happened in northern Afghanistan, there had been a street battle in Beirut, Lebanon between Hezbollah and a Sunni group and a car bomb had exploded in Karbala in southern Baghdad.

I hate to use stereotypes, but times are hard just now and lot’s of people are feeling the impact of the government cuts and are probably really angry at Nick Clegg frustrated at the price of sending their teenagers to university or are annoyed at forking-out an extra 3p for milk. I know that the cuts are shaping-up to be much more serious than just that, but we’re up-in-arms about a woman who threw a cat in a bin. There are bigger problems than who threw what cat in which bin.

Laugh at cats here!

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2 Responses to The Cat in The Hat, but when it’s put in a bin, well that’s just UNACCEPTABLE!

  1. Pj O Reilly says:

    She should be hung, no shot, no shot then hung…wait, she should be put in a bin then shot then hung then kicked down the street. Then stabbed.

  2. Jonathan says:

    The whole thing was a complete overreaction of the highest order. If any of those people cared then they would be actively campaigning against animal cruelty instead of sitting behind Facebook.

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