Let’s Reflect, in a Godlike Fashion.

The Pope, head honcho of the Catholic Church. We all know who he is and that he’s just finishing his four-day state visit of the UK. State visit? Yes, Benedict the XVI was granted a state visit. He doesn’t run a country does he? Well, if the Vatican City is a country, where has its Olympic team been for the last age?

I’m not going to go on about my own issues with Catholicism or the Big Man himself, but I would like to point out that in the Daily Express the day after he visited Bellahouston Park in Glasgow, the Pope acknowledged the child molestation charges that some priests have been found guilty of. I think that must be embarrassing for him more than anything, but way to point out the bleedin’ obvious Benedict!

No no, I’d much rather just think about the positive from his visit. I think it’s beautiful that so many people have such strong faith and are given such a morale boost by just seeing the Pope, which is why it’s so disgusting that the charges against the Church even exist. The Pope has a duty to spread the message of God to the people and somehow I don’t think God’s message includes feeling-up young, helpless boys. Mind you, I’ve not read the bible, so if you’ve read the bible, let me know what it says.

Although belief and faith are beautiful traits and should be admired, a great man once said Blind faith in your leaders, or anything else, will get you killed.” which is completely true, OK, maybe not killed, but your feelings could certainly get hurt; and nobody on the planet has the right to make another human being feel like their parade’s been rained-on … That’s just mean.

Anyway, I’ve found a nice wee news story about the Pope and his truly British visit … Click here.

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