Social Networking … Taking Over the World?

OK, this might sound quite hypocritical, coming from someone who is an active  member of virtually every available social network, but I think it’s a waste of time. Do people really have to tweet about every minor thing that happens to them on a daily basis? Or update their Facebook status two or three times a day? Apparently that’s the world that we now live in.

I know people who say that if none of their friends on Facebook like or comment on their status, they delete it. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to make a comment if I broadcast that I had just eaten breakfast. I know it’s nice to share a video or a blog entry (hint hint!), but sitting down at a computer and telling people – who you probably see and speak to on a daily basis – that you “love the sunshine just now” is a little bit attention-seeker-ish.

Anyway, as we all know, China, Burma and Iran have each banned social networking sites, but a university in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania has made the controversial decision to ban them as well. This particular university specialises in courses about the uses of the internet and the university provost, Eric Darr, decided that it would make an interesting experiment. You go Mr Darr!

I would delete my Facebook account if I didn’t need it chat to my friends all over the world (and to advertise my blog) because I just think it’s an anti-social network site; sounds silly, but let me explain … People don’t go out and meet other people anymore or they’ll happily sit at home, on Facebook chat or MSN. But  if social networking continues to boom for the next wee while, then I’m worried that in a hundred years, nobody will be able to converse.

But, you can’t argue with the statistics, we’ll you can as I have just done, but it won’t get you anywhere and people will think you’re stuck in the middle ages … I wonder if the entire Facebook and Twitter community could go a day without checking or updating their statuses. I’m going to try.

Rant over, but have a look at these awesome (in the true sense of the word) statistics published by Socialnomics.

And if you want to find out more about the Harrisburg university social media ‘blackout’, then head on over to The Guardian.

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1 Response to Social Networking … Taking Over the World?

  1. Love your blog Chloe, too true! I rely on facebook way too much it’s getting pretty sad ha x

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