McDonald’s is bad for you? WHAT!?

I’m vegetarian which, I’ll admit, makes me a little biased when it comes to McDonald’s, but I’m glad someone other than ye olde tree-huggers has made a stand against the grossly huge American fast-food giants.

This advert was made by a medical group based in Washington:

I wasn’t surprised at all that McDonald’s were furious, I would be too if someone went out of their way to put people off my food. The thing is, we all knew that their “burgers” were floor-sweepings and that didn’t put anyone off; in fact, the company have profited from the recession with people opting for cheaper (albeit far less nutritional) ‘restaurant experiences’.

McDonald’s weren’t the only ones who damned the advert, the National Restaurant Association (how McDonald’s are a member of that I will never know) stated it was “irresponsible”. Really National Restaurant Association? Or was it just as irresponsible as selling people the food that the company produces?

Yeah, we all remember their attempt at “healthy food”; the chicken Caesar salads were a disaster! When news got out that the fat, calorie and cost of the salads were more than those of an average burger –  and anyway, who goes to McDonald’s for a salad? It’s like going to the garden centre for milk. It makes no sense at all.

I’m glad someone has tried to tell them where they’re going wrong, maybe they’ve just been telling themselves they’ll start the diet tomorrow for the last 30 years.

Read the full article about the salad/ burger showdown from The Times by clicking here.

For your chance to run McDonald’s click here!

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3 Responses to McDonald’s is bad for you? WHAT!?

  1. Tweedle On The Needle. says:

    Very true, its a valid point and you brought it across well 😀

  2. Great blog, so true and i cant believe that advert! However you havent turned me, I am now starving and in need of some ‘floor sweepings’ as you so deliciously put it 🙂

  3. shakeybrakey says:

    This is really good =D throughly enjoyed the read altho am naw gonna lie totally craving a mcChicken sandwhich meal they are ‘da bom’ lol can’t wait to see wat else u post =) x

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